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The Era Of Digital Marketing Content


Digital marketing content is online marketing content having a strategic marketing practice focusing upon the creation and distribution of appropriate, reliable and important content to draw customers and retain the targeted market audience. Eventually this becomes a source for driving profitable customer action.

Digital marketing content is mainly an umbrella term important for the marketing of services and products by using digital techniques on the internet, smart phones and many other digital channels.

Lionbridge Marketing is talking about deciphering marketing content in this article:

How to Translate Digital Marketing Content [Infographic]

Posted January 31, 2016 by Lionbridge Marketing

If you’re a marketer, you know how important your web presence is. It’s your organization’s face to consumers around the world. And if you target international markets, you also probably understand the value of translation and localization in global digital marketing—and the importance of a customer-friendly, multilingual website.

But how do you create such a website? When it comes to website translation, there’s no single experience. Every project is as different as its languages and locales, target audiences, translation types, and more.

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Basically in the current era of technological advancements content is considered as the present and the future of marketing. Most of the leading brands use content marketing. Majority of the marketers are adopting the strategy of content marketing. Most of the world renowned organizations use this marketing strategy such as Microsoft, Cisco systems and P&G.

Here is what has for us on the topic:

Digital Marketing Content: How to Get It Right

By Contributor
May 11, 2014

Getting the Basics Right
Whether you are creating your own digital marketing content or employing the services of a creative agency, the most important thing to remember is to ensure you get the basics right. First of all, great design will grab the reader’s attention. From the layout through to choice of colour and imagery, the aesthetic aspects of your design will engage your audience and encourage them to read on.

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Content marketing is different from typical advertising. The marketing content exists on the earned and owned media. Marketing content is based upon pull instead of push strategy. The marketing and advertising executives state that they are significantly increasing their investment and commitment in digital marketing content strategies.

Matthew Brian Brown has some useful tips in this video:

With content marketing the spending on media advertising is significantly reduced. Companies having established digital marketing content efforts require considerable investment in distribution resources, production and staff for effectual digital content marketing program.

Companies sometimes also invest in new external sources of support such as some technology partners or new agencies possessing skills in relevant fields like a professional content marketing agency.